Weary Traveller

More often than not our lives are dictated by Murphy’s laws…

I left Cape Town last week Saturday to attend a friends wedding in Durban where-after I was headed across South Africa for my work purposes with a full schedule planned with appointments every day till the 5th of September.

The day after I landed I started getting a scratchy throat. This was to be expected because the previous week I had been nursing my husband who had come down with a bad flu and the chances of myself not catching it too was rather slim. I knew I couldn’t afford to be sick on my travels so I went to the doctor on the Monday and asked him to give me the best medicine he had. I didn’t have time to be sick and I was going to have to fight this thing. Nevertheless I got sick despite the injection and the strong antibiotics and vitamins…

I have finally recovered enough to feel well again and am back on track. I am now in Rustenburg where things are still very sensitive after last week’s mass shooting at the Marikana mine and I am thankful that I still had such a good attendance at my workshops despite the current volatile situation.

Because of my travels it is rather difficult to get to good internet facilities and therefore I will be a little quiet till after the 6th of September when I get back to Cape Town.

Michael is currently in Zambia and will be heading into Malawi soon for ministry there so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. His schedule is also very full and he isn’t getting much resting time so pray for a supernatural energy for himself and Tiaan who is his teammate on this trip. You can also pray for their safety as they travel from place to place and that their ministry will be fruitful.

That’s all from me for a while… Check you later Alligator 😉