Sometimes it isn’t easy to accept but if we really trust Him then we will find that His plan is PERFECT!!


Called to the Jungle!

Let me tell you a  true story…

In 2009, about 3 years after my husband was saved by God, he was helping someone to paint a room. On the floor was laid out old newspapers among which were some newspapers as old as 2008! At some stage Michael got bored or distracted and he started reading the old newspapers… ;-D

His eye caught an article about a “lost tribe” discovered in the Amazon jungles near the Peruvian border. The picture (as you see here) depicted some practically naked people who seem to be trying to shoot down the plane flying overhead.

Something stirred in Michael’s heart and he felt the Call of God on his heart… a Call to go out and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in the world who have not heard the good news.

Since then he has joined Frontline Fellowship and has done his training through them as a full-time missionary. He finished his training and qualified as a Frontline missionary the beginning of this year (2012) and has been doing outreaches in the African countries of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nigeria and Sudan.

We got married last year in April and I am honored to say that I have the privilege of loving and supporting a husband who serves the Lord with all his heart. He has taught me the meaning of FAITH and TRUST.

I knew what it meant to live by faith and to trust God but I had a hard time doing it. You see, I knew in my mind that God is able to support us and take care of us, but it was difficult for me to trust and believe in my heart that He will! Michael, on the other hand, seemed to have an unwavering trust in God and a belief that He will never lead us where He will not also keep us…. And he was right.

God has been taking us through trials on every level over the last 2 years and through it all He has faithfully kept us and lovingly carried us.

I am thankful for the journey of Faith that I have been taken on and I am thankful for the wonderful spiritual leader my husband has been in teaching me to trust in God’s Love.

Back Home

Greetings Friends!

I am finally back after a month of travelling. I have been through Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northwest and Free State provinces and it has been exciting.

Unfortunately the trip started out with me getting sick but I suppose the benefit in that was that when I wasn’t busy with a workshop or driving then I was sleeping. This helped me not to think about missing my better half too much. Even when I wasn’t sick I was so busy that I didn’t have much time for dwelling on how much I miss Michael.

Now that I am back, however, it is a whole other story! Dreadfully lonely evenings wait me in as the day draws to a close and everyone in the office heads on home… I wonder how I did it before I got married…

But, I don’t want to dwell on my loneliness. Michael is currently in Malawi and they are doing well. It’s another 18 days before he gets home.

They were doing ministry at a refugee camp there in Malawi for three days and what he told me left a disturbing mental picture with me that night. This camp is built on a sewerage dump and it is filthy and unhygienic. The houses are small, sharing one wall between every two. The bathing place is in the same room as the toilet place and up in Africa this does NOT mean the same thing as what we are used to here. In Africa a toilet is either a long-drop or just a hole in the ground. Imagine the smell and the filth… He spoke of their poor and unhealthy circumstances and it cut me to the heart.  How many times do we not complain? We complain about all kinds of things that bother us… standing in a long line, sitting in a hot car in traffic, getting to a broken ATM, getting poor service in a restaurant… How trivial it all sounds now when you think about it.