My Herb Garden

I promised an updated picture of my Herb garden so here it is!Image

My sage plants are dying… I don’t know why! There doesn’t seem to be anything visibly attacking or killing it but it is dying. Slowly, it starts to wither and wilt and eventually dry out and die completely. With the one plant I even uprooted it and replanted it just to check if perhaps there was something troubling its roots but everything was visibly normal. I am very worried that this is going to kill all my sage and spread to the other plants. If you have any advice or have any idea what could be killing them please let me know. I am desperate.

Fertility and Abortion

I went to the fertility specialist again this morning and still no sign of any activity in my ovaries… This month they are starting me on injections. Perhaps this will kick things into gear!

I am so amazed at how easy it is for some people to fall pregnant. The world is full of young teenagers who tried sex once or twice or their “safety” failed them once and Voila! They are pregnant! The worst is that often this precious gift is then seen as an inconvenience and they murder their baby through abortion.. I feel so outraged at the very thought that some can even consider this as an option and even more that Christians sit back and do nothing! Abortion kills a baby and wounds a mother.

Once a year we have a special day we set aside to stand for the rights of the unborn called “Life-chain Sunday”. We hold posters with slogans like “Abortion kills Babies” and stand for 3 hours along the side of the road. We usually notify churches and Christian groups long in advance however, when the day comes, very few turn up… Where are the Christians? Where are the people of God? Why are they not standing up and making their voice heard? It is only 3 hours once a year! It seems so insignificant a number if you think of the 1 million babies who have been murdered by abortion in South Africa alone. Why are people so happy to stand up and make a HUGE fuss about the Rhino poaching by raising funds and walking and protesting, but when human babies are being slaughtered… the people are silent?

Hey, I am sure you can come up with a million excuses but just remember, that’s how many babies have been killed already while you sit with your excuses! There will come a day when we all stand before Almighty God and will need to answer for why we kept silent when we knew the truth.

Africa Christian Action is an organization in South Africa that organizes events like the Life-Chain and National Day of Repentance etc. If you are interested in joining to make your voice heard against Abortion please contact them.

Don’t sit on your butt, get involved!

The Chapter isn’t closed yet…

It probably seems like I am hopping around but I will get back to the Godly woman at a later stage.

I thought I should first update you on how things are going with us and what we have been up to.

Remember in one of my previous posts( Field vehicle required urgently ) I told you about our vehicles getting sold…


First my car went and then Michael’s previously advertised bakkie got some attention… (Go read the post if you are inquisitive now ;-)).

That was not the end of the story though!

Although the prospective buyer made a serious commitment by paying a deposit on Michael’s Nissan, it ended up NOT being sold. When the buyer arrived to pay the outstanding amount, he decided  for various reasons to forfeit the deposit rather than buy the Nissan. We were really not sure how to feel about this because on the one hand at least this left us with a vehicle (albeit not road-worthy) and an extra R2500 we didn’t expect but on the other hand we now had a vehicle that was probably going to cost quite a bit to fix up in order to get it road-worthy. We decided to leave things as they were till Michael gets back from his last mission trip to Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique and that was where things stayed until recently.

Since Michael got back though he has been plotting and planning on a strategy to fix this vehicle. He says, if God gave this vehicle and has not allowed it to be sold, then we must fix and use it to the best of our ability. He definitely has a point there! Our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, surely the petrol for our very thirsty Nissan is small fry. Fortunately, my husband is not just extremely handsome, but he is also extremely handy with almost everything he puts his mind and hands to.

So, for the last few days he has been hard at work cutting and grinding out the rust on the roof and around the doors of the Nissan. Obviously in order to do a good job he has to unearth all the rust to make sure it doesn’t just spread again once he closed it all up… so this is getting quite extensive.


It is also amazing to see how much rust was hiding under all that beautiful paint. Yes, there were some tell-tale signs that there was a spot of rust above the door but once you open it up and start cutting, all the ugly rusted metal is exposed and you realize that it isn’t only just above the door but right around the roof and along the doors.

Isn’t it also so true in our lives? Often under all the masks and beautiful paint lies an ugly cancerous rust that spreads and destroys everything. It is time to open it up and let the Light in.


As for me, I have been busy wrapping up the School’s Project for 2012 at UCT so there were a lot of desk hours put in.

I also planted a beautiful herb garden outside the kitchen door a few weeks back and this gives me much joy and also supplies my table with fresh salad and herbs every day. This pic was taken on the day I planted it so I will have to take another pic to show you what it looks like now.

God has also provided me with another opportunity that provides an extra bit of money. I am helping proofread a textbook for grade 12 science for McMillan. They are paying me a good amount (which will definitely speed up the process of finalizing the last of my debt) but it definitely requires many hours of intensive chair time and brain activity 🙂