Tribute to my Mother

This mother’s day as I was pondering the amazing woman that my mother is, I lost myself in the complexities of all the wonderful things my mom did for me and the love she showed to us.

Many dimensions of incredible would need to be summoned to provide an adequate description of my mother; I don’t think anyone will fully know or understand how amazing she really is.

My mom was barely 20 when she was first called “mother” after my birth. I was her firstborn of 5 very active and naughty children. She sacrificially gave of herself as she poured out her immense boundless love for us. My mother brought us up in the incredible ways of God and taught us to always choose the high road. She often read to us from the Bible telling us its many exciting stories.

Sadly, to my deep regret, we broke her heart many times, and yet she always loved us unwaveringly. I often saw her on her knees earnestly praying for us with tears running down her cheeks (I’m sure she still does).

She often had to endure our frequent complaining and raging ingratitude, behaving like spoilt brats. She took it all on her shoulders, listening lovingly to our point of view, sternly correcting our misbehaviour, and tenderly disciplining our wrongs.

My mother reminds me explicitly of the passage in the Bible in Galatians 5 which speaks of the fruit of the Spirit. I was privileged to be witness of her life and consistently saw her displaying each of the fruit of the Spirit.

“ But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control…”

Galatians 5:22

LOVE: My mother loves constantly, relentlessly, unconditionally, sacrificially, selflessly, and without regard to cost. My mom’s love is bigger than even I can comprehend but that which I have seen of her love, amazing as it is, is not the whole of it. There is so much more veiled behind her beautiful smile.

JOY: My mother has a marvellous sense of humour and frequently made us laugh. She always helped us see the sweet side of a sour situation. She would wake us up in the morning singing songs and filling the room with joy and gladness.

PEACE: When all around us was chaos, Mamma was the rock that remained constant; though most others around would be in turmoil and distress, my mom had a peace which seemed to surpass all understanding – and we could feel her peace emanating from her presence.

PATIENCE: My mother is patient beyond understanding. My mom has hope when all others have given up already. She often sat up with me through the night helping my stubborn brain memorize vast amounts of information when I was studying for Matric.

KINDNESS: My mother is kind. Countless individuals were beneficiaries of her great kindness. She was always willing to help others, stand in for duties when others couldn’t be there, and she never spoke a bad word about anyone.

GOODNESS: My mom is perfect! She often apologised for just thinking about doing something wrong.

FAITHFULNESS: My mom is faithful to the bitter end. Her loyalty to God and His Word is unwavering; Her faithfulness to her husband is impeccable.

HUMILITY: Never a proud look or a haughty attitude have I seen from my mom!

SELF-CONTROL: My mom always exhibits self-control. She controls her actions and her reactions like no one else I know. Never have I heard her speak out in anger or lose control of her calmness.

My mother is like an angel, the closest thing to perfection on this earth – and if there is anyone who can disagree with me on even one point, I would blatantly call you an ignorant liar!

Mamma, you are the best mom I could ever ask for. I LOVE YOU and deeply appreciate all you have done for me from the first day till now. Although we are far away now and circumstances don’t allow us to meet often, I hope and pray that I will see you again soon.

You were an amazing mother and still are. I love you and pray for you often!

Happy Mother’s Day